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Top 5 Best Sausage Cutter Reviews in 2022

During evenings with friends, the most served menus are sausages. Having at your disposal an adequate tool to properly cut your sausages is essential so as not to overwhelm the atmosphere. The sausage cutter by far the most suitable tool for cutting your sausages quickly. However, given the range of models available on the market, finding the best model is not always easy. Discover here the best models of sausage cutter.

List of 5 Best Sausage cutter

1. Bron Coucke 1 Pack, Sausage & Chorizo Guillotine Slicer MADE IN FRANCE, Beige, Model GS01

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This sausage cutter is a French-made product. Of very good quality, it has everything to seduce its user. In addition to its practicality, this device will be of great help to you when cutting sausages. It is easy to use and requires very little effort. Thanks to him, you can make fairly fine cuts.

Made from treated beech wood, this cutter is treated in edible oil well before conception. Thus, you are perfectly reassured of the comfort that it will offer you during its use. Its blade is made of stainless steel. If it is able to slice cold meats so easily, that means it has been serrated.

For added safety, this tool is equipped with a lock system that locks the knife holder. In addition, it has a roll bar. As a result, the risk of accident during use is significantly reduced.

2. Sausage cutter CHIUSING Premium Sausage Salami Guillotine Slicer

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Turn slicing to an artwork with our superior wooden salami and sausage slicer, that can be a fantastic assistant in the kitchen or out for camp.You do not need to be concerned about the threats knives . You cut of your dried meat desserts and impress all of your meat-loving pals.

The most secure, simplest & most enjoyable approach to slit chorizo is always here! The non-skid feet together with the additional sharp stainless steel blade can make cutting your pepperoni a more breeze.When you cut off the sausage, so it’s quite simple to cut thin or cut thick. It’s totally beneath your control.It isn’t simple to cut on your finger by accident. You will find a lock in the blade, so it’s not simple to emerge by injury.

3. Vin Bouquet Guillotine, Wood, 17.5 x 29.5 x 13 cm

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This sausage slicer comes in third place in our ranking for its resistance and aesthetics. It is a wood appliance with a perfectly solid stainless steel blade. It is effective in slicing all your sausages, chorizo, rosette, baguettes and even fruit and vegetables into thin and precise slices effortlessly. Thanks to its safety lock and non-slip pads, this sausage slicer is reliable and stable. Easy to use, just unlock the device, place the food at the bottom of the blade and go back and forth to cut it. You can change the positioning of the food to be cut according to the desired thickness. Aesthetic, this one will participate perfectly in your decoration thanks to its wooden design and golden reflections.

4. Traditional sausage guillotine slicer Toque Chef 100% french handmade

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Efficient, user-friendly and environmental, the sausage slicer / cutter lets to quite thinly and regurlarly slit with no knife dry or very dry sausages and other delicatessen, additionally crudeness (endives, carrots, cucumbers…) having a diameter smaller than 65 mm.

5. Le Berger Traditional Slicer Wood

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This sausage slicer / cutter is made from solid wood. It is a cheap and above all very ecological model. This is the tool you need to cut your sausages and different meats uniformly and finely.

This tool allows you to cut your cold meats, your vegetables like endives, cucumbers and carrots. Its blade is made of stainless steel and is extremely sharp. For added security, the wooden pin is used for the locking system blade.

It is a very easy to maintain model. To clean it, you just have to disassemble the sliding arm of the slicer / cutter in order to clean the blade using a brush soaked in edible oil. This model will allow you to finely and efficiently cut your cold cuts and sausages.

Sausage Cutter Buying Guide

Successful preparation of aperitifs requires the use of a special device: the sausage cutter. But you still have to choose a high quality model!

The Advantages Of The Sausage Cutter

Practical and effective : When preparing your aperitifs, the sausage cutter will allow you to cut your sausages and other foods more easily and efficiently. From now on, you will no longer need to use a knife and a board to have sausage rings. This device makes it possible to produce even slices whatever the thickness desired, even the thinnest.

Reliable and secure : Most of the sausage slicer models on the market have a security system that protects the hands during use. As well as a locking system to lock the equipment when not in use.

Easy to store : A sausage cutter is generally small, which makes it easy to store without clutter.

Versatile : This type of device can be used to cut several other foods apart from sausages such as raw vegetables, meat, cheese, etc. for complete and refined aperitifs.

Save time and energy : By using this equipment, you will no longer spend a lot of time cutting up your aperitifs. In addition, its use requires no effort.

Wooden design : The sausage slicers are generally made of wood which is effective in preserving the tastes of the food to be cut. This characteristic also makes it very pleasant to see and adds a decorative touch to your table and your kitchen.

The Criteria For Choosing A Sausage Cutter

To choose your sausage guillotine, several criteria must be considered:


Before choosing, it is important to consider the materials used to make the sausage guillotine. This characteristic defines the robustness, longevity and ease of maintenance of this device. In general, we can find wooden and plastic sausage slicers.

On the one hand, wooden ones are the most preferred since they help preserve the flavor of the food to be cut and provide an original appearance. They are also appreciated for their ease of use and handling. In addition, they are strong and durable. Only downside, maintenance is more complicated for this kind of device.

On the other hand, plastic sausage guillotines are easier to clean but are more fragile and difficult to handle.


The quality of the blade is also a criterion not to be overlooked. In reality, this is the most important part on a sausage slicer since it makes sure to cut food. Thus, the blade must be sharp enough to cut your sausages neatly and precisely, even the driest. Stainless steel remains the best in this area for its strength and resistance to rust.


It is always essential to choose equipment that offers better safety and optimal user comfort. A good sausage guillotine should allow you to cut your sausages without risking cutting your fingers. In addition, if you choose to place the device on the table during your aperitifs so that guests can use it, it is essential to opt for a well-secured model. Good equipment has a security system that protects users’ hands. It must also be equipped with a locking system to secure it when you are not using it. Finally, be sure to choose a sausage slicer that is easy to handle: with an ergonomic handle, fitted with non-slip pads,…

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the sausage slicer / cutter

Like all other kitchen appliances, the sausage cutter must be maintained after each use. Good maintenance makes it functional over a long period of time. While plastic sausage slicers are easily dishwasher-safe, wooden ones require special cleaning as they don’t like humidity. To do this, you must first dismantle the device and wipe the wooden parts with a slightly damp sponge or with oil. As for the blade, you can wash it with a sponge and soapy water and wait until it is completely dry before mounting the equipment. Before storing it, be sure to lock its security system.

Can other foods be sliced ​​with a sausage cutter?

Yes, most models of sausage cutters allow you to slice other foods such as other cold meats, cheeses, raw vegetables, fruits, meats and even the baguettes that will accompany your aperitifs.

How to change the blade of your sausage cutter?

Over time, the sausage cutter blade can wear out and must be replaced. But you can also change it if you want to vary the thickness and size of the sausages obtained. To do this, simply unscrew the old blade, remove it and insert the new blade securely, and voila!

Can you cut yourself with the sausage cutter or is it very secure?

If the sausage cutter is well secured, there is no risk that it cuts the hand during its use if you follow its instructions perfectly. On the other hand, its sharp blade can injure in the event of incorrect manipulation or handling. It is for this reason that it is always essential to keep it out of the reach of children.


The sausage cutter: an advantageous utensil!
Having a sausage cutter at home is only good. Not only is it practical and efficient, it is also reliable and secure, easy to store, versatile and saves you time and energy.

Practical and effective, simply because the sausage cutter offers you the ease in cutting your sausages, but also other foods. Indeed, you can use the sausage cutter to slice cheese, meat, raw vegetables, etc. Forget the boards and the knives to create beautiful slices of sausage. With this device, you will have beautiful, even slices, depending on the thickness you want, that you can offer to your guests.

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