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12 Greatest Pink Curry Paste Substitutes 

Red Curry Paste

Craving Asian meals? How about getting ready a beautiful Thai curry or a traditional Asian stir fry! However oh no, you’re all out of crimson curry paste! Effectively, in that case, this text is supposed for you!

Learn alongside to find out about substitutes for crimson curry paste and the very best combos so as to add a zing of spice to that Asian stir fry or curry!

Pink curry paste has a definite style of chilies, ginger, garlic, and different spices. It provides a scorching, spicy taste to meals and is extensively utilized in Asian meals. 

So what are some substitutes for crimson curry paste? The most effective substitutes for crimson curry paste are inexperienced curry paste, yellow curry paste, chili powder, chili paste, curry powder, vindaloo paste, harissa, and plenty of extra!

Though, earlier than we get into the substitutes, let’s dive in to know a bit of extra about crimson curry paste!

Fast Peek: Pink Curry Paste

Red Curry Paste

This part will assist you perceive extra about curry paste. Learn alongside to find out about curry paste, its substances, style, texture, and dietary info!

What Is Pink Curry Paste?

Pink curry paste is a dense paste made predominantly with dried crimson chilies. It incorporates different substances like garlic, shallots, galangal (Thai ginger), shrimp paste, and salt.

It additionally makrut lime leaves, coriander root and coriander seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorns, and lemongrass to amp up the flavour. It’s a very fashionable ingredient in Asian delicacies, particularly Thai meals.

If I’ve to take the standard route, crimson curry paste is made with a mortar and pestle, and it stays moist all through the method. Its use isn’t restricted to solely curries, although! It may be used to arrange marinades and stir fry preparations so as to add a wealthy, spicy taste to the identical.

Describing Curry Paste: Taste and Texture

Pink curry paste is shockingly crimson in coloration due to its most important ingredient: dried crimson chilies. It has a thick consistency that may be thinned down with water, coconut milk, or different liquid. 

The paste has a definite, spicy style due to the addition of plenty of seasonings and flavorings. Historically used to make Thai crimson curry, curry paste has gained immense reputation in different Asian cuisines as properly.

Pink curry paste isn’t vegetarian as a result of addition of shrimp paste. Nevertheless, there are numerous vegetarian and vegan choices out there for a similar available in the market. Pink curry paste is totally gluten-free.

Makes use of of Pink Curry Paste

Initially, crimson curry paste was made solely for use as a base for Thai crimson curry. Nevertheless, crimson curry paste is now used as a marinade or so as to add taste to numerous non-Asian meals!

Pink curry paste is now used to make numerous worldwide meals like Thai crimson curry salsa, shrimp muffins, Thai roasted rooster, candy potato and lentil curry, and plenty of extra! If you wish to add a kick of spice to any meals, particularly curries, crimson curry paste is the proper resolution!

Pink Curry Paste On The Well being Radar | Trying Via the Wellness Telescope

Since it’s utilized in smaller volumes, crimson curry paste isn’t actually a supply of any vital vitamins. It has an especially pungent and spicy style, and therefore often, recipes require just a few tablespoons of it. Nevertheless, crimson curry paste could be very low in fats content material!

Pink curry paste has a excessive sodium stage and ought to be utilized in average quantities for these with sure well being points. Though not an vital supply, crimson curry paste does have minute portions of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

It additionally incorporates traces of sugar and dietary fibers. One serving of crimson curry paste which is about one tablespoon or 15 grams, would comprise shut to twenty energy.

Now that we’re all thorough with crimson curry paste allow us to get to its substitutes!

12 Greatest Pink Curry Paste Substitutes

The 14 finest substitutes you may use rather than crimson curry paste are as follows:

1. Curry Paste

Curry paste

Curry paste is usually utilized in Indian meals. It’s flavor-packed because it has substances like onion paste, tomato puree, ginger-garlic paste, and spices- turmeric, floor cumin and coriander, garam masala, and salt. It has an especially wealthy and spicy style.

Though not as scorching as crimson curry paste, Indian curry paste nonetheless works as a terrific substitute. It won’t add the pungent aroma and powerful style of crimson chili or crimson coloration to your meals. Nevertheless, it is going to positively produce a scrumptious dish! 

So as to add to the warmth of curry paste, a small amount of crimson chili powder will be added to it. This may also assist add the distinct crimson coloration that you simply get with crimson curry paste.

Wish to make one thing wonderful with curry paste. Effectively, give Bangkok curry noodles a attempt. Right here’s the recipe for the Bangkok curry noodles. You’ll discover the recipe for curry paste in it as properly.

2. Inexperienced Curry Paste

Green Curry Paste

Inexperienced curry paste has basically the identical substances like crimson curry paste. Nevertheless, the one distinction is that in inexperienced curry paste, inexperienced peppers are used as an alternative of crimson.

Inexperienced curry paste is a bit of milder in style than crimson curry paste. It really works as a terrific substitute if you wish to follow Thai delicacies.

After all, it is going to change the colour palate of your meals. Regardless, it provides you with a really related style profile as that of crimson curry paste. So, it will probably work as a terrific substitute on your crimson chili paste.

You should use inexperienced curry paste to make some scrumptious Thai inexperienced curry rooster. Discover the recipe for Thai inexperienced curry rooster right here. It additionally has the recipe to make home made inexperienced curry paste.

4. Chili Powder

chili powder

Chili powder and crimson curry paste have one factor in widespread: the addition of chilies. Although it gained’t give the identical taste as crimson curry paste, it does add a kick of warmth and crimson coloration to your meals and works as a terrific substitute.

Pink chili powder is concentrated and full of coronary heart. So, the advisable quantity for use in a recipe instead is lower than crimson curry paste. Nevertheless, this relies fully in your warmth tolerance!

You may make nice spice rubs and seasonings utilizing chili powder. Right here’s how one can make some flavorful chili seasoning at dwelling.

5. Chili Paste

Chili Paste

Chili paste is actually the identical as chili powder, simply in a paste type. It’s concentrated and really excessive on the warmth stage. Though it gained’t style the identical as crimson curry paste, it positively will add numerous taste and coloration to your meals.

Pair the crimson chili paste with some ginger and garlic paste to boost the flavour and make it barely just like crimson curry paste. 

6. Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

Tomato paste can work as a terrific various to crimson curry paste. It has a contemporary, distinct style of tomato and is pulpy. It has a sweetness to it and generally is a nice base so as to add additional spices.

Sure, tomato paste tastes very totally different in comparison with crimson curry paste. Nevertheless, for those who add some crimson chili flakes and ginger garlic paste to it, it’s for positive going to work as a terrific substitute.

The most effective half? You possibly can determine how a lot of it you’d like so as to add to tomato paste, as per your warmth and taste desire. You may make some wonderful marinara sauce utilizing tomato paste. Right here’s how one can make Gordon Ramsay’s marinara sauce at dwelling.

7. Yellow Curry Paste

Yellow Curry Paste

Like inexperienced curry paste, yellow curry paste has the identical substances like crimson curry paste. The one distinction is, it’s made with yellow peppers. Yellow curry paste is way milder in style than crimson curry paste. So, a bigger amount can be utilized in a recipe to extend the spice content material.

So as to add crimson coloration to your meals, pair the yellow curry paste with a bit of little bit of tomato paste. That is for positive going to work as a terrific substitute. Here’s a listing of yellow curry paste substitutes.

8. Curry Powder

Curry Powder

Curry Powder, identical to curry paste, could be very common in Indian meals. It has a decrease warmth content material as in comparison with crimson curry paste. Nevertheless, it may be a terrific substitute because it offers an identical curry style.

Together with curry powder, you may also add another spices to complement the flavour of your meals. Pair it with a bit of tomato paste, and it’ll add crimson coloration to your meals.

9. Massaman Curry Paste

Massaman Curry Paste

Massaman curry paste is similar to crimson curry paste when it comes to freshness. It has an addition of various complete spices to it like cardamom pods, complete clove, cinnamon stick, coriander seed, cumin seed, and complete peppercorn.

In order for you your meals to be a fusion between Thai and Indian, massaman curry paste is the very best substitute for you!

Add some crimson chili powder or chili flakes to massaman curry paste. It will give it a barely related style to that of crimson curry paste. Massaman curry paste will add a complete lot of taste to your meals.

10. Vindaloo Paste

Vindaloo Paste

Vindaloo curry paste could be very outstanding in Indian cooking. It’s made with candy spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and warmth from black pepper and crimson chilies. Regardless of not having the identical substances as crimson curry paste, it’s fairly related in style as a result of warmth from crimson chilies.

Vindaloo curry paste is often used to make vindaloo sauces. Nevertheless, it will probably work as a terrific substitute for crimson curry paste.

The paste will add a crimson tinge to your meals and also will add a enough quantity of warmth. Whatever the taste not matching with crimson curry paste, vindaloo paste will for positive flip up the warmth in your meals.

11. Panang Curry Paste

Panang Curry Paste

Panang curry paste is one other number of Thai curry pastes. Just like crimson curry paste, it’s made with contemporary substances like dried chili peppers, galangal, ginger, lemongrass, kaffir lime zest, kaffir lime leaves, coriander root, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds. 

Nevertheless, Panang curry paste is way milder than crimson curry paste, particularly when it comes to warmth. The opposite distinction is the addition of coriander root and seeds within the paste.

A barely bigger amount of Panang curry paste can be utilized whereas substituting for crimson curry paste. It will assist add some additional warmth to your scrumptious meals!

12. Harissa Paste

harissa paste

Harissa paste has very related substances like that to crimson curry paste. It’s made with crimson chilies, garlic, oil, acid, and heat spices. Nevertheless, it’s barely milder in style than crimson curry paste.

Harissa paste works as a wonderful substitute for crimson curry paste! Consisting of just about the identical substances as crimson curry paste, it may be used as it’s with out including something to it.

Nevertheless, to extend the extent of warmth in your dish, you possibly can add two spoons of harissa paste for each one spoon of crimson curry paste.

13. Sriracha


Sriracha, identical to harissa and crimson curry paste, can be made with crimson chilies. It has garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt too. This American sauce is thinner in consistency than crimson curry paste.

As a result of its skinny consistency, sriracha won’t be probably the most favored substitute for curries. Nevertheless, it really works as a terrific substitute for crimson curry paste for marinades! Just a few dashes of sriracha to any marinade will certainly flip up the warmth!

Sriracha can be nice in lots of issues, like a poke bowl. Right here is the recipe for some scrumptious poke bowl.

Brief Recap

Now that you recognize a lot about crimson curry paste and all its substitutes, are you confused about which one to make use of? Let me break it down additional as per suitability, availability, and taste.

Most Appropriate: Harissa paste can be probably the most appropriate substitute for crimson curry paste. They’ve nearly the identical substances, distinct crimson coloration, and a contact of warmth.

Simply Obtainable: Tomato paste can be probably the most simply out there substitute available in the market.

Greatest Taste Profile: As we speak about taste profiles, inexperienced or yellow curry paste would work as the very best substitute. They’ve basically the identical substances, like crimson curry paste, only a totally different type of pepper. Nevertheless, when paired with coconut milk, these pastes are sure to present an Asian taste to your meals.

Last Phrase

As we’ve gotten to the top of the article, I hope it has helped you recognize all about crimson curry paste and helped you discover the right substitute. Let me know within the feedback if it helped.

Though crimson curry paste can be utilized to make numerous issues, it really works finest when paired with some contemporary meat and greens to make a scrumptious Thai curry.

Pink curry paste just isn’t vegetarian or vegan as a result of addition of shrimp. Nevertheless, a lot of the substitutes given are vegetarian and can add a kick of spice and zing of taste to something you make! I’ll see you subsequent time!

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ’s)

Is crimson curry paste the identical as chili paste?

No, they don’t seem to be the identical. Chili paste is made solely with chilies, whereas crimson curry paste has different substances added to it, together with chilies.

Is crimson curry paste spicy?

As dried crimson chilies are one of many most important substances in crimson curry paste, crimson curry paste does have a excessive quantity of warmth

Is crimson curry paste the identical as harissa?

Harissa is extra acidic than curry paste as a result of addition of vinegar.

Can I exploit curry powder as an alternative of curry paste?

Sure, curry powder can be utilized instead. Use one teaspoon of curry powder for each one tablespoon of curry paste.

What’s the distinction between crimson curry paste and inexperienced curry paste?

They’re each made with various kinds of chilies. Pink curry paste is hotter than inexperienced curry paste.

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