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Top 5 Best Home Beer Brewing Kits Reviews in 2021

The home beer brewing kit brings together a set of materials and ingredients to produce a beer tour, to make yourself. If you are a beer lover and want to make your own beer, know that a beer-making kit is made for you (a little home brewing for fun). It doesn’t really require brewing knowledge, you just have to follow the indicated steps, it’s a breeze! You will be able to make a sensation by offering a beer of your vintage to your loved ones, because in addition these kits keep their promise in terms of taste… Finally if you follow the steps carefully! Here is a comparison of the best beer making kits right now, an ideal gift for yourself or the beer lovers around you!

List of 5 Best Home Beer Brewing Kits

1. Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit for Beer

Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit for Beer

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Together with Craft a Brew, you receive a home beer brewing kit constructed for you personally. This beer making kit includes all you want to turn into a master brewer, contain a 1-gallon carboy, funnel, racking cane, rubber stopper, transfer tube and thumb clamp, airlock, thermometer, Guide to Craft Brewing, sanitizer, along with also our Hefeweizen recipe kit. All of the gear is reusable, which means that you may enjoy additional Craft a Brew fresh-packed ingredients using the exact same excellent beer brewing starter kit!

2. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

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The Brooklyn Brew Shop is a kit that we recommend if you want to take your first steps as an amateur brewer. It allows you to brew up to 10 pints of beer.

For the content, you will find in terms of accessories, the essentials of what you need to brew a good beer in a few steps and without needing to be an expert. In terms of ingredients, the Brooklyn Brew Shop also contains hops, barley and malt, the proportions and specifics of which depend on the recipe you choose when ordering. You can of course choose during your purchase, different recipes based on your favorite beers, and even later order other recipes if you wish.

With the Brooklyn Brew Shop, personalize your beer with labels on which it is possible to write the name and type of beer, its brewing date or alcohol level.

3. Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Complete Starter Beer Making Kit Perfect for Beginners

Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Complete Starter Beer Making Kit Perfect for Beginners

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An ideal gift for all beer lovers. If you have a hard time getting him out of the pub and the foyer in time for dinner, then why not put the ad for him? This unique kit includes everything he needs to prepare and flask two lots (2 gallons) of beer. All the ingredients are carefully selected to create a great tasting of the most basic beer recipes on the market, making it ideal for beginners.

4. Northern Brewer Brew. Share. Enjoy. HomeBrewing Starter Set

Northern Brewer Brew. Share. Enjoy. HomeBrewing Starter Set

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Brewing. Share it. Ideal for beginners, the complete craft beer initiation kit has clear and detailed instructions. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start brewing immediately, including an Amber Block Party recipe box and a beer boiler! Designed by our master brewers to offer the best ready-to-use craft brewing experience for beginners.

Kit includes: Block Party Amber recipe box, 24.6 liter (6.5 gallon) fermenter with lid and bubble lock, bottling bucket with tap, Fermenter’s Favorites bottle filler, 18.9 liter (5 gallon) stainless steel beer, 53 cm stainless steel spoon, automatic siphon, 1.5 meter siphon tube and siphon holder, a cleaner / disinfectant – oxygen wash Fermenter’s Favorites, a bottle brush, a Royal Crown capper and capsules (60 pieces) The 24.6 liter (6.5 gallon) fermenters are perfect for the first stage of the fermentation of beer or wine. The additional headroom allows the production of kräusen on a 18.9 liter (5 gallon) beer batch.

5. Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing 6 Gallon All Inclusive Craft Beer Making Kit

Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing 6 Gallon All Inclusive Craft Beer Making Kit

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Considered by users as one of the best home beer brewing kits, this product is distinguished by its excellent quality / price ratio which makes it suitable for the pockets of all hop lovers. It consists of two containers, twelve accessories and a Lager malt with which you can produce up to 6 gallons of beer.

Among the various tools you will find a tap, a hydrometer with housing, a cylinder for hydrometer and a long palette, in short, everything you need to measure and mix the components.

There are also caps to close the bottles once the beer is ready, to keep it at rest and then offer it to friends or relatives. Consumers were very satisfied with all of the content, with the exception of the inferior caps.

In our guide to choosing the best beer making kit, this Coopers stands out, much appreciated by fans. In short, here are its general characteristics.

Beer Brewing Kit Buying Guides

How to choose a Brewing Kit?

All budding brewers should start making their favorite drink using a brewing kit. Since there are so many models available in the market, it can be very difficult to compare prices. This is why it can be useful to read our buying advice, so that you can understand what are the characteristics to distinguish in a product. Below you will also find an overview of all beer production kits in our ranking, thanks to which you can buy the best brand at an affordable price.

Type of beer

Beer production kits are distinguished from each other by the type of malt included which varies according to the type of drink. The most common models will contain simple Lager malt which allows beer to be prepared with a more classic flavor with a bitter aftertaste, typical of Europe. Usually, blond malts are not very heavy in terms of alcohol content, in fact they reach a maximum of 4 degrees, so they are good for those who do not like beers that are too alcoholic.

Alternatively, it will be possible to find on the market craft beer production kits with Belgian or German malts, although these models are more suitable for those who are already a little familiar with the preparation of beer. If you are a fan of high quality IPA beers, you will find several kits for their production.


Another feature to consider before purchasing a beer production kit is the fermenter included in the package. To be clear, the fermenter is the container where you have to insert all the ingredients and simply ferment the drink, so the quality of this component is very important. Let’s say that a good fermenter must be made of very resistant materials such as stainless steel, in order to effectively contain the drink during fermentation.

Another important factor is the size of the fermenter, because the amount of beer that can be produced with a single malt depends on it. Usually the most common kits allow you to prepare up to 23 liters of beer and are suitable for beginners. If you are already an expert in the domestic production of the drink, you can opt for a larger model of 30 liters.


However, malt and fermenters are not enough for the production of beer, indeed, the kits will contain several essential accessories to obtain satisfactory results and serve the drink once ready. Among the most important, there is the tap to be applied to the fermenter, which can have a push button or screw system, the latter being generally more uncomfortable.

In the kits there are also different density meters and palettes ideal for measuring beer and mixing it, there will also be bottle caps, which are very useful for storing beer after preparation. These can be applied with the bottle caps provided, although in many kits this component is not really the best quality.

How to use the beer making kit?

Beer making with the kit is done in several stages: you must first disinfect the equipment and install a brewing station to be comfortable during the next steps.

Step 1: Pasting

During this step, we will separate the sugar from the cereals. In a large pot or large container, place water to heat to 70 ° C. For quantities, place 1L of water for 0.5 kg of grains. Then, integrate the crushed barley malt, stirring regularly with a spoon, for one hour of cooking between 63 and 68 ° C. Be careful to maintain this temperature for the success of this step. After the hour has elapsed, the temperature is increased to 77 ° C for the grain filtration step.

Step 2: Filtration / Rinsing

Use a strainer for grain filtration, to be placed above a large empty container. Pour your preparation from the first step, to recover the must. In another large container, in which you will need to heat a volume of water a little larger than the volume of beer obtained in the end. Pour this boiling water over the colander containing your preparation for the first stage (the cereals). The manipulation is repeated two to three times.

Step 3: Boiling

The mixture is then boiled for 60 minutes, gradually adding the hops. At the end of cooking, we quickly cool our liquid with an ice bath, to reach 21 ° C.

Step 4: Fermentation

We pour our cooled liquid into the demijohn with a funnel, then add the yeast. The mixture is mixed and left to ferment for the number of days indicated on your brewing kit.

All you have to do is bottle your beer and taste it!


Thanks to our article, you will now be well on your way to easily find the best home beer brewing kit you absolutely need. By choosing one of the products on our list, we guarantee you to be 100% satisfied and that your experience as an amateur brewer will only be better!

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