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Top 5 Best Electric Peelers Reviews in 2022

An electric peeler is a small device that is perfectly suited for peeling your fruits and vegetables. The shape of the device can vary depending on the model but the basic functions remain the same, in particular rotary knives which allow excellent peeling. Most models of electric peelers allow you to adjust the thickness of the peel while keeping the shape of the fruit or vegetable to be peeled.

Its use is practical and simple and in a few seconds, your fruit / vegetable is peeled. It is generally equipped with a fixing point on which you will fix the fruit / vegetable.

List of 5 Best Electric Peelers

1. ZUEN Vegetable Peeler, Fruit and Vegetable Electric Peeler

ZUEN Vegetable Peeler, Fruit and Vegetable Electric Peeler

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ZUEN Electric Peeler delivers an appliance all in white, which brings a touch of design to our kitchens. It allows you to peel fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits without fail. The non-slip base allows good stability on the work surface. Just insert the fruit on the two spikes, and the device takes care of peeling, as soon as you press the switch.

When the task is completed, the vegetable peeler stops automatically. Easy to use and clean, this device comes with 3 steel blades ( 2 of which are spare ). The precise peeling of this device keeps all the vitamins and nutrients that are located just under the skin.

The device operates thanks to a movable arm. The latter adapts to the shape of each fruit or vegetable, for delicate work. It comes with an AC adapter, but it can also run on 4 batteries. We can therefore easily take it with us, for a picnic or for a camping holiday for example.

2. PowerGiant Electric Peeler, Handheld Julienne Peeler Slicer 3-in-1 Set Kitchen Tool

PowerGiant Electric Peeler, Handheld Julienne Peeler Slicer 3-in-1 Set Kitchen Tool

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One Start Button – The electric peeler is easy to use, just press the power button to peel almost all fruits and vegetables in seconds, quickly and efficiently, it can save you time and effort.

Convenient USB Charging – Built in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, compatible with any power supply. It only takes four hours to charge, and it can be used easily for a few hours.

3 Peeler Blades – Comes with 3 premium stainless steel vegetable peeler blades, non-toxic and fine grinding of the cutting mouth is more resistant to wear and satisfies different needs of fruits and vegetables.

Ergonomic Handle Design – The ergonomic design of the handle provides a flexible and comfortable grip for perfect protection and avoids cutting your fingers and hands during use.

Multi-Function Peeler – Quickly and easily peel or cut potatoes, tomatoes, apples, pears, oranges, persimmons, kiwis, cucumbers, papayas and other fruits and vegetables.

3. Pelamatic Orange Peeler Pro, White- Peels Fruits and Vegetables

Pelamatic Orange Peeler Pro, White- Peels Fruits and Vegetables

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Orange Peel is the automatic orange peeler and can with fruits, vegetables. It was the first prize at the Geneva International Fair No matter what type of food, fruit or vegetable, no matter if you have thick or thin skin, if it is compatible or sensitive: peel the orange peel practically everything for example: Pela oranges, tangerines, kiwis, peaches, pears, apples, lemons, grapefruits, plums, mangoes, avocados … … can also peel potatoes, onions , tomatoes, carrots, turnips, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, sweet potatoes … maximum speed, simplicity of use and easy cleaning.

4. Starfrit Electric Rotato Express

Starfrit Electric Rotato Express

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Starfrit Rotato Express peeler ideal for peeling and preparing vegetables and fruits. There is no need to touch or hold the vegetable when peeled. Non-slip base adhering to your counter. 6-volt adapter included. Includes two spare blades that store under the device

5. WMT Multifunction Stainless Steel Electric Fruit Apple Potato Automatic Peeling Machine

WMT Multifunction Stainless Steel Electric Fruit Apple Potato Automatic Peeling Machine

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If you want to peel your fruits and vegetables in the blink of an eye, you can get help with this WMT electric peeler. Running on batteries ( not included ) or mains ( the adapter is delivered ), it is easy to use. Pears, mangoes, potatoes, once put on the base equipped with spikes, will find their master.

The mobile arm will take care of peeling them in a few seconds. The peel is fine, to keep all the nutrients. If the food does not have a smooth skin, the appliance will first dig it out and then be able to peel it. This electric peeler can thus peel all fruits and vegetables, ranging from 5 to 15 centimeters high, and whose diameter varies between 5 and 10 centimeters.

Three stainless steel blades are supplied with the device, two of which are in a compartment on the base. Simple to use, this automatic peeler turns the food thanks to its mini motor, while the mobile arm equipped with a knife peels the vegetable or the fruit. Entirely made of plastic, the cutting accessory is easy to maintain with a damp cloth.

Electric Peeler Buying Guide

Why should you buy an electric peeler?

If you are a very busy person who likes to cook and not eat out, then this may be what you are missing in your kitchen. You can start enjoying homemade meals in minutes. Peeling potatoes, fruits and vegetables may be easier than you think.

Using the device is quite simple and all you have to do is put the fruit / vegetables in the machine. Then you turn on the peeler and in a few seconds the machine will peel them all. The machine is very hygienic and allows you to easily manage the peels . Indeed, some models have a compartment that stores all the peels. After use, you can simply remove the removable part to clean the gadget. Your menus will now be simple to prepare . The electric peeler has what it takes to save time. It is a multifunction device that is used not only to peel fruit but also vegetables and tubers such as potatoes.

Organize festive evenings or banquets and invite several people without worrying about the menu. With such a wonderful gadget, you will succeed in your small dishes in a few seconds. And for those who want to open a small restaurant, the electric peeler is an essential accessory to improve the quality of service.

How to choose an electric peeler?

The choice of your electric peeler is based on certain elements which are fairly easy to identify. The main aspects to consider are:

Depending on diet and intended use

As mentioned above, the electric fruit saver can be operated either by batteries or by connection to the mains. If you only intended to use your accessory occasionally, a simple model with 4 batteries may suffice.

This is also the case for those looking for a more mobile, transportable and usable tool everywhere. The latter does not actually require electricity to operate, which allows you to take it for camping or hiking for example.

On the other hand, if you are a large consumer of fruits and vegetables, the ideal will be to direct you to an automatic peeler. Most models of this kind often have a 6V adapter to plug into the mains when in use. It will allow you to work easily and very quickly on a large amount of food. And the biggest plus is that you won’t have to invest in the repetitive purchase of batteries.

Quality of blades

Apart from the feeding mode, do not neglect the quality of the blades of your future equipment. In this case, we advise you to favor a model equipped with stainless steel blades to guarantee robustness and durability over time.

It is also the material that makes up all the blades of professional electric peelers because of its resistance to rust, but also by its effectiveness in perfectly peeling the bark of all types of food.

Indeed, do not forget that the blade will always be in direct contact with the fruit juice and will then be cleaned with soapy water. Only stainless steel can withstand such use and not rust after only a few uses. And besides this material also has the advantage of not being dull easily, which will allow you to obtain very finely peeled fruits and vegetables, whether on the most fragile foods such as tomatoes and kiwi, or the harder ones like orange.


The models offered on the market are available in various styles to meet the taste of each user. This accessory can effectively take up a fixed place on the worktop if you intend to use it daily.

For this, we suggest you opt for a model with an elegant design that can match the decor of your kitchen or marry with all the other accessories in the room. The plastic versions are available in all colors for a perfect harmony of tones, while those in steel or aluminum easily blend into a more modern decoration.


Finally, take the time to check the few elements that contribute to the ease of use of your instrument. No need to dwell on a model that looks too complex, because the goal is that the thrifty makes your life easier.

So make sure that the handling and installation of the food on the device are simple and within the reach of the whole family. Avoid systems that require too many installation steps.

A simple start and stop button, with an automatic stop at the end of peeling, as well as an up and down fixing arm are sufficient. No need either to take a device that is too bulky which may take up all the space on your table. However, make sure it has a base with non-slip feet for better stability.


An electric peeler could be the missing accessory in your kitchen or restaurant to make you as efficient as you want. Why waste time when you could save money for this wonderful machine and your life may never be the same again. You may end up earning as much as you spent when purchasing this machine, now is the time to try it out. We recommend all the small accessories that can save you precious time in the kitchen, such as the french fry cutter!

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