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Top 9 Best Electric Corkscrews Reviews in 2021

You can’t always open your wine bottles, either it’s very hard, or the cork is crumbling, or worse, it breaks inside? There are electric corkscrews that will make your life easier! The electric corkscrew is a very good kitchen utensil to easily and effortlessly open all your wine bottles. The materials used in this type of product are innovative and resistant.

List of 9 Best Electric Corkscrews

1. Peugeot ELIS Touch Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Opener

Peugeot ELIS Touch Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Opener

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In a world where all devices are optimized to have the minimum number of buttons, this corkscrew is no exception. No more hard times spent extracting the cork from the wine. Peugeot Saveur designed this Elis Touch power tool for this purpose. Thanks to its powerful and silent motor, it ejects all types of plugs quickly and smoothly. It comes with a capsule cutter and its discreet and classy loading tray.

On average, we waste 3 to 5 minutes uncorking a bottle of wine. Time is a precious resource in the culinary world, it can change the taste of a dish altogether. Thanks to Elis Touch, this time is reduced to 30 seconds at most. After a maximum of four movements, you will already be able to enjoy your dishes with your drink.

This electric corkscrew from Peugeot is made entirely of stainless steel with a diameter of 6 cm. Thus, it combines contemporary design and cutting-edge technology in one device. Its powerful and silent engine will not leave any crumbs from the plug. Once removed, a simple press on the button will release the button.

It is equipped with a USB charging tray so that it never falls flat. Besides, this situation will never risk to happen, because an LED battery indicator is on the device. The latter can also draw up to 50 bottles without having to refill. Remember to plug it in, because at rest it discharges automatically after 15 days.

Peugeot has not only aspired to design an easy-to-use product. This can remove cork stoppers just as easily as synthetic ones. In addition, it easily adapts to all bottlenecks. The task of removing the cork from the wine becomes a more fun activity thanks to the Elis Touch.

2. Electric Wine Opener, Deik Rechargeble Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

Electric Wine Opener, Deik Rechargeble Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

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When the holidays are approaching, it is not always easy to find what to offer to loved ones. It is all the more complex when it comes to a male relative. Between the tie and the watch, we often fall into the impersonal and the obsolete. However, the market is full of a multitude of gift ideas for men, including the electric corkscrew. This Deik model has good features for those who want an efficient and aesthetic model.

This device has a curved design. It has an ergonomic handle. It allows a cork to be removed from its bottle in a few seconds. For more practicality, it recharges directly on its base (supplied).

The latter plugs into the mains. Its power is 120 W. On full charge, this bottle opener can open up to 40 bottles of wine, at the push of a button. Upon purchase, this small gadget comes with a flange cutter to facilitate the extraction of the aluminum seal. It also comes with a manual explaining its use.

Regarding its design, it is composed in its structure by a stainless steel case and a translucent shell revealing its mechanism. Its transparent part has blue LED lighting.

3. Rovtop Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Rovtop Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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This corkscrew does not use a battery since the bottle opener is rechargeable by USB. This model of corkscrew has a silver color with a weight of 458 g. Its length is 25 cm by 10.8 cm in width and a height of 8.6 cm. The product is designed with high quality materials, stainless steel body and guaranteed safety. Effective for opening wine bottles at home, at meetings or fun parties with friends. It is in compliance with CE certification.

4. BFULL Cordless Bottle Opener Electric Corkscrew

BFULL Cordless Bottle Opener Electric Corkscrew

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It can open as many bottles of wine as possible, even the most difficult ones. Perfect for red wine, white wine, rosé, beer, champagne and others.

It has a weight of 762 g for a dimension of 28 X 21 X 7 cm. The bottle opener is designed to gently remove the cork from the wine and thus keep a sweet and original flavor. The BFULL bottle opener does not require an additional cord only the batteries.

5. Ankway Electric Wine Opener

Ankway Electric Wine Opener

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This model is not at the top of our selection but it remains an excellent corkscrew. It demonstrates great ease of use with a single button to uncork your wine bottles.

A broaching of 80 bottles and only 6 seconds to open a grand cru. It is the fastest model in our selection.

A manual accompanies this very modern gadget to explain how to use its features.

6. Rackaphile Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener Corkscrew

Rackaphile Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener Corkscrew

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Has a simple push button to quickly remove the cap or put it back in the bottle. This corkscrew opens a bottle of wine in 5 seconds. Made from healthy and safe materials, it guarantees safety when opening wine bottles with its quality caps and approved by the FDA. Its kit is perfect for effortlessly opening bottles. It finds its place on display in the wine cellar. This corkscrew is rechargeable with a power of 110 volts. It is really great and very easy to use. It is black in color with a weight of 989 g and a dimension of 28.5 X 28 X 8 cm.

7. Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Removable Free Foil Cutter Wine Opener

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Removable Free Foil Cutter Wine Opener

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Ozeri may not be a well-known brand, but it does have a wide range of kitchenware that is worth a look, like this electric corkscrew. In an unusual color, its bright red will allow you to quickly find it when you need it, whether you put it in a drawer or in your pantry.

The cover can be removed and can be used as a paper cutter, which is very useful and will prevent you from losing it. Thanks to this ingenious idea, you no longer need a knife to access the stopper. This model of electric corkscrew stands alone vertically and does not need a support to stand up. Level autonomy, it can open up to 40 bottles before being recharged. The transparent bottom of this utensil allows you to see the cap, and it lights up with blue light during use or when recharging.

8. Flauno Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Flauno Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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If you are looking for a gift for a wine lover friend, this wine gift box is perfect. This electric corkscrew works with two AA type rechargeable batteries. This type of battery has the advantage that it can be easily replaced if the batteries lose their charge efficiency. But in the meantime, the autonomy of this device allows you to open up to 120 bottles before needing to recharge it. Which is above the capabilities offered by other models.

In addition to the device, the charger and the paper cutter, other accessories complete the range. The wine aerator allows you to drink your glass without waiting for the wine to breathe. As for the vacuum wine stopper, it allows you to keep your bottle once opened by eliminating the air present in it.

8. iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable Automatic Electric Corkscrew

iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable Automatic Electric Corkscrew

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The iTronics 700 electric corkscrew has one of the best autonomy with an average opening of 180 bottles before its battery is completely discharged. A capacity which guarantees that you can use it all year round, even if you regularly consume wine at the table.

With an elegant design, this object is however quite bulky, like all the models presented. It is still very simple to use and will slip easily into a cupboard in your kitchen or in your wine bar. On the functional side, the plug is only removed in 8 seconds by a simple press on the push button.

Delivered with a manual corkscrew, which can always be used, the support base also acts as a capsule cutter thanks to its two red side buttons.

9. Hovinso Electric Wine Opener

Hovinso Electric Wine Opener

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Its unique and refined design improves its handling and use. Unlike the other products on the list, it does not have a transparent background. However, it has an indicator light which lights up and facilitates unclogging for the user. The LED indicator turns green when the machine is running and removes the cap. It turns blue when you press the button to release the screw cap.

The pack includes a capsule cutter and a charger. The product can be recharged in several ways, thanks in particular to its USB cable. There is therefore no need for batteries to operate it. In one charge, you can open up to 50 bottles, which is more than reasonable.

Electric Corkscrew Buying Guide

What is the electric corkscrew?

Also called an automatic bottle opener, the electric corkscrew is a small gadget intended to facilitate the uncorking of your bottles. It is neither more nor less than the automatic version of the classic corkscrew that we all know. It works just as well with wine bottles as champagne bottles. In fact, it can be used on any bottle with a stopper. The advantage of this electric corkscrew is that it allows you to open bottles without providing a lot of effort and without damaging their corks.

How it works?

The electric corkscrew can work either with batteries or with a built-in battery. Here, the autonomy of the device is evaluated according to the number of bottles that it can open in a single refill. On average, a good quality electric corkscrew must be able to uncork 30 bottles before being fully discharged. Some high-end models can open up to 80 bottles . And as you might expect, this automatic corkscrew has a small electric motor which is responsible for turning the unclogging screw. And in the same way as with a corkscrew with fins, the cork of your bottle will then go up gradually until it comes out completely.

How to choose an electric corkscrew?

Several criteria must be favored to have the best electric corkscrew available.

Firstly, the ease of use is an essential point, because if you are a wine lover, you will use it often. So you need something simple to use and easy to handle.

Then it is better to take into account the various accessories that can be included with this type of product. While the main thing is to remove the cap, which any model can do, there are other steps you can take to open a bottle, such as cutting the aluminum cap on the cap. Some models therefore offer you a capsule cutter, very practical for removing this seal.

Prefer resistant materials, because you will not need to change it after having only opened a few bottles. And this will also prevent certain parts from coming off.

Electric corkscrews are much heavier than the others due to their motor, and therefore less easy to handle. It is better to choose ergonomic models and not too large so that they are lighter and easier to use.

As it is a modern accessory that will go in your kitchen, design can be a very good asset to choose it. For more class and refinement at the table, choose one that has a modern and chic look.

The type of battery in the electric corkscrew is also essential, because depending on your use, you will not have the same need. There are corkscrews on battery and others on sector. If you only use it at home, a corkscrew with a rechargeable battery is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you need your corkscrew when traveling, it is better to favor a model with batteries, which will allow you to open more bottles.

The electric corkscrew is a very good tool to allow you to easily open all your wine bottles, in a very simple way. But, more than a simple utensil, it is necessary to choose it well if you want to be able to use it for a long time. It can even become a plus in your kitchen and be a very modern decorative element, combining design and utility.

How to use an electric corkscrew?

Even if there are a multitude of models, only the design differs. The operation and handling of the device always remains the same.

To use your electric corkscrew, simply place it on the bottle and make sure it stays as straight as possible. You must then exert a slight pressure on the wine bottle while firmly holding the device, otherwise it may not come into contact with the stopper. Press the switch to activate the mechanism. The screw will then make its way through the stopper and will stop automatically once the stopper has been removed from the bottle.

To remove the plug from the electric corkscrew, press the switch again. Depending on the model, there is another button dedicated to this functionality. The unit will then rotate counterclockwise to release the cap. You can place your hand under the object to catch it when it is ejected.

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