Hand Harvested Oregon Sea Salt


What it is:  A Finishing Sea Salt, the first of its kind commercially harvested on the Oregon coast.

Details:  One, 4-ounce bag, $10.25.

Who makes it: Jacobsen Salt Co., domestic salt fanatics based in Portland, Oregon.

Why I love it: I love that domestic salt harvesting is on the rise! America's coasts line oceans filled with salt water just waiting to be transformed into such delicate flakes that perfectly finish any dish, sweet or savory. Growing up, my family spent our summer vacations camping on the Oregon coast, so each taste of this hand-harvested salt brings me back to body surfing in that bracingly cold water. I love that each bag of Jacobsen sea salt is stamped with the specific location on the Oregon coast where it was harvested, so I can trace the seasoning's journey from sea to my plate on a map--and in my memories.

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  I’ll be sprinkling this large-flaked salt on freshly steamed edamame, grilled meats, and roasted corn on the cob. Its bright, clean flavor will be downright heavenly on peak-of-the-season tomatoes and radishes. My all-time favorite use? Topping off salt-sweet chocolate cookies right before putting them in the oven.

Jacobsen Salt Co.
Portland, OR

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