Native Chimayo Chile


What it is:  Ground Native Chimayó Red Chile, Certification #: 012009

Details:  4-ounce pack, $20.

Who makes it:  Chimayó Chile Farmers, a collective of more than 50 farmers, who are dedicated to preserving the authentic chile of the region.

Why I love it:  Chiles are the backbone of New Mexican cuisine and this native strain of chile pepper is as pure today as it was when it was first planted in the region, nearly 400 years ago.  For the cook, this means more profound and complex flavors - think sweet, rich and bright with a modest, refreshing heat - and a brilliant brick-red hue.  The concentration of flavor is higher in Chimayó Chile, so a little goes a long way. While the majority of chile production in the Southwest has long since been hybridized, the Chimayó Chile remains a rare gem in our nation's native food supply and a beloved ingredient for the chef and home cook alike.  You may find products labeled Chimayó Chile, but the presence of a certification number is the only assurance of authenticity. 

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  Chile Colorado is a great place to start as it allows this beautiful and distinctive chile to shine. I'll also sprinkle it on one of my favorite easy dishes, migas - scrambled eggs and torn-up tortilla strips- as well as dust it, along with sea salt, on a cast-iron cooked lamb shoulder chop or beef flat iron.  Pumpkin seeds roasted with olive oil, Chimayó Chile and sea salt are a great crunchy counterpoint to a creamy avocado, red onion and greens salad with a light cotija cheese dressing.  I've made the best Chilaquiles in my personal history with this ingredient and I can't wait to do the same with red posole.  Of course, it also has legs in the sweet kitchen; just imagine it sprinkled over a dark chocolate torte!

Chimayó Chile Farmers
Santa Fe , NM

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