Orange Marmalade with Lemons


What it is:  Orange Marmalade with Lemons, sunshine in a jar.

Details:  6-ounce jar, $7.99.

Who makes it:  Quince and Apple, handcrafting exquisite small batch preserves from the upper midwest.

Why I love it:  The English weren't necessarily surrounded by sunshine when they became known for their warm climate citrus preserves. Nor is Quince and Apple - and likewise, they've managed to make a mark on the genre. Their orange marmalade with lemons is spectacular, combining small bits of ripe tart peels and warm ginger in a just-sweet-enough set. I'm continually impressed by their keen technique - the secret behind this marmalade's gorgeous texture and balanced, bright flavor.

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  In its absolute simplicity, spread onto warm toast with good butter. It would be sublime spooned alongside this Emmer Olive Oil Cake. Or, slathered in between layers of chiffon cake and topped with whipped cream and coconut. Add it into a simple marinade of olive oil and sea salt for salmon or poultry. Or spoon it onto your morning yoghurt for a sunny start to the day.

Quince and Apple
Madison, WI

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