Hazelnut Orgeat


What it is:  Hazelnut Orgeat, a twist on the classic almond Orgeat.

Details:  375-ml bottle, $11.99; 750-ml bottle, $20.99

Who makes it:  B.G. Reynolds' Exotic Syrups, ushering Polynesian pop culture into the home bar, one small-batch syrup at a time.

Why I love it:  As an ode to his home state, Blair Reynolds uses the abundant, local crop of Oregon hazelnuts in a Northwest spin on the classic Orgeat. Traditional French Orgeat has been around for hundreds of years and is made with almonds, sugar, and sometimes enhanced with a small amount of rose water and orange flower water. This special syrup not only acts as a sweetener, but also has the ability to neutralize overly sour or bitter flavors. The addition of hazelnuts in B.G. Reynolds' syrup adds another dimension to any cocktail containing Orgeat. Real Orgeat syrups will naturally separate in the bottle. To use, simply insert a skewer into the bottle to break up the top layer, close and shake.

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  I love the true hazelnut flavor and aroma of this syrup. The intense nuttiness lends itself to bright citrus, dark spirits, and warm, spiced liqueurs. I was delighted with the deep, sultry quality of a Japanese Cocktail with the Hazelnut Orgeat swapped for the classic. I'm particularly giddy about this syrup in my dessert repertoire. Blend it with chocolate ice cream and caramel for a milkshake you can't put down (throw in some booze for a special adult dessert). Add it to your berry cobbler filling, cherry pie, or homemade granola. Ready to swoon? It's unbelievable stirred into a chocolate ganache for a vanilla bean pound cake or coconut macaroons. And for some everyday indulgence- this syrup is splendid in your daily cup of joe.

Storage Tips:  Refrigerate after opening. Use within 30 days.

B.G. Reynolds’ Syrups
Portland, OR

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