The Good Batch Cookie Set


What it is:  An assortment of better-then-home-baked cookies.

Details:  4 Classic Stroopwafels, 4 Cocoa Stroopwafels, 4 Honey Bears & 6 Chocolate Chunk Cookies, $22.

Who makes it:   The Good Batch, a small batch baking company satisfying sweet tooths in Brooklyn, NY since 2009.

Why I love it:  Baker, Anna Gordon has a style in the sweet kitchen that harkens history, but is very much her own. After Dutch friends begged her to recreate their own authentic taste of home, the Dutch Stroopwafel, or Caramel Cookie Waffle, Anna acquiesced. She set to task, baking, tasting and tweaking her recipe, only content when it passed native Nederlander approval. It did, and then some. Now she's also small-batch baking her own twist on the original, along with a bevy of other baked goods that are better than anything I could ever dream of making myself. Her stroopwafels stay true to form -- chewy, tender waffle cookies sandwiched together with sweet caramel. They're perfection warmed over a mug of hot tea and savored slowly. Her Honey Bears, ground oat and peanut cookies, are filled with a housemade honey and sea salt peanut butter for a rustic, wonderfully textured bite. And the super oaty Chocolate Chunk Cookies are topped with a generous sprinkling of flaky sea salt and brimming with big, gooey chunks of dark and milk chocolate.

Storage Tips:  Cookies will be fresh for eating when they arrive, but to prolong shelf life, they can be frozen for later enjoyment.

The Good Batch
Brooklyn, NY

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