Micro-Canned Albacore Tuna


What it is:  Micro-canned premium Oregon Albacore, with sea salt.

Details:  Six, 7.75-ounce cans, $35

Who makes it:  Catch of the Sea, husband and wife team who have been hook and line fishing together for over twenty years.

Why I love it:  Forget mass produced canned tuna. Micro-canned Oregon albacore is something all together different. These fish are individually caught off the coast of Oregon by Mark and Cynthia Schneider. They're cleaned and frozen immediately on the boat, then brought to shore to be cooked once in the can with a touch of sea salt. The quality is unbelievable - big, clean chunks of juicy white tuna, full of flavor and loaded with omega 3. What you will not find is mercury - Oregon Albacore have insignificant amounts of it because they are younger, surface-swimming fish.

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  On a salad, perhaps a classic Nicoise, or likely atop any greens that I want to enliven. This tuna is also fantastic served simply at room temperature with borlotti beans, thinly-sliced red onion and good black olives. I also love tarragon tuna salad with roasted almonds, served appetizer style on crostini. 

Catch of the Sea
La Pine, OR

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