Spella Coffee Assortment


What it is:  An assortment of three Spella coffees; 100% Peaberry Kattehollay Estate, Guatemala 'Tikal', and Espresso Blend.

Details:  Three 12-ounce bags, $36

Who makes it:  Spella Caffe, coffee fanatic, micro-roaster and barista, in the heart of coffee culture, Portland, Oregon.

Why I love it:  Andrea Spella grew up with a coffee cup in hand (no really, he drank coffee as a toddler) and he's become a man that knows a thing or two about good brew. He micro-roasts premium beans in his brilliant red drum roaster, named Rossalina, coaxing and tuning the harmony of flavors until they're just right. So right, his coffee has become my measure for quality. The 100% Peaberry Kattehollay Estate beans are the finest representation of how good Indian coffee can be. His Guatemala 'Tikal' is coffee for the people - smooth, soft and comforting with big notes of chocolate and hints of peach and nectarine. And his super-secret Espresso Blend is sweet, creamy and ethereal.

How I'll use these in my kitchen:  Each coffee has its favorite brewing method, but at the end of the day, they're all brilliant in pour-over, drip, French press or espresso fashion. I'm also going to start experimenting with some coffee cuisine - stay tuned!

Spella Caffe
Portland, OR

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