Spella Espresso Blend


What it is:  An Espresso blend made with premium Brazilian coffee beans and seasoned with one or more (super-secret) other beans.

Details:  12-ounce bag, $12.

Who makes it:  Spella Caffe, coffee fanatic, micro-roaster and barista, in the heart of coffee culture, Portland, Oregon.

Why I love it:  The foundation for Spella Caffe's espresso blend has quite a pedigree. Hailing from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, these coveted, direct trade yellow bourbon beans are grown and naturally pulped on a micro lot within the esteemed Santo Antonio Estate. While the red bourbon cultivar is one of the world's most common arabica beans, this yellow bourbon mutation is a special affair. Characterized by its sweeter creamy finish (think creme brulee or flan) and super-saturated flavor and aroma, it has a lovely hint of lime and an ethereal texture and mouthfeel. Andrea Spella roasts these beans to full city +, coaxing their harmony of flavors, then blends them with one or more I'd-tell-you-but-I'd-have-to-kill-you other beans to create his perfect mix. The elegant flavors linger on the pallet, leaving you with subtle reminders of one of the finest coffees ever.

How I'll use these in my kitchen:  Home espresso! But these versatile beans are also fantastic in a moka pot (stove top espresso maker) or drip method. 

Spella Caffe
Portland, OR

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