Chorizo Andaluz


What it is:  A classic dry-cured Chorizo typical of Spain's Andalusian province.

Details:  One 5.3-ounce picnic salami, $10.

Who makes it:  Olympic Provisions, crafting the finest old world charcuterie in Portland, Oregon.

Why I love it:  After years spent living in Spain's Andalusian province, I now pine for the flavors that so inspired me. Olympic Provisions Chorizo Andaluz hits straight to the heart - while I'm far away from a country I love, I can still taste it very close to home. Characteristic of southern Spain, their Chorizo Andaluz boasts vivid flavors that are sultry, smokey and smooth. Its deep red color is owed to the punchy pimentón (paprika). The subtle inclusion of clove and garlic bring yet another dimension, both warm and earthy. This rendition is about as close as I've ever tasted to the Spanish original.

How I'll use this in my kitchen:  Paired with a bright Spanish dry sherry, alongside Manchego or another sheep's milk cheese. It's so good sliced thin atop country bread smeared with quince jelly and toasted under the broiler - preferably eaten while serenaded by Sevillanas or if I'm feeling feisty, by Mala Rodriguez

Olympic Provisions
Portland, OR

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