Handmade Hard Pretzels


What it is:  Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Hard Pretzels, with salt

Details:  3-pound box, $14.29; 6-pound box, $26.99

Who makes it:  Martin's Pretzels, continuing their long tradition of good, slow food, in Akron, Pennsylvania.

Why I love it:  There is no way to imagine the difference between machine and handmade pretzels without tasting them.  While so many of the old guard Pennsylvania pretzel-makers moved on to modern equipment, capable of pumping out a beguiling amount of pretzels per minute, Martin's Bakery gave deference to tradition (and benevolence to their fans!) by not changing a thing.  Today they still make the best hard pretzels in Lancaster County, entirely by hand.  The magnificently measured, hard-crunching, gratifying-to-chew texture makes their humble pretzel incomparably delicious to anything else we've tried.  And we love that we can detect the fingerprints where quick hands pressed the ends into loops!

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  Relishing each crunchy bite, probably dipping them into some mustard, and definitely sharing them with friends.  A box of these goes really far in the gift department!

Martin's Pretzel Bakery
Theresa, NY

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