Salted Caramels


What it is:  Dark salted caramel enrobed in 72% Chocolate from Ecuador. Each of the four caramels is seasoned with a different sea salt: Pangasinan Star, a fleur de sel from the Philippines. Amabito No Moshio, a sea salt dried on seaweed, from Japan. Halen Mon Gold, a oak smoked flake salt from Wales Iburi Jio Cherry, a cherrywood smoked sea salt from Japan.

Details:  4-piece box of chocolate-covered salt caramels, $10

Who makes it:  Xocolatl de David, maker of savory sweet chocolate confections, in Portland, Oregon.

Why I love it:  What's not to love about gooey luscious milk caramel, flecked throughout with the tiniest shards of sea salt? David Briggs, the man behind Xocolatl, is a bit of an expert on the subject.  Only a salt caramel wonk would craft four unique caramels using distinct origin sea salts (some smoked!) and demonstrate how truly different they can be.  It's fruitless to try and pick a favorite - they're all magnificent.

How I'll use this in my kitchen:  After dinner, with friends.  These also make the best hostess gifts.

Xocolatl de David
Portland, OR

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