Farm Fresh Apple Pie


What it is:  Double-Crust Farm Fresh Apple Pie

Details:  6-inch or 9-inch double-crust pie

Who makes it:  Champlain Orchards, a 100-year old family orchard near Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Why I love it:  It's made on the farm, using apples from their orchard and other local ingredients.  It doesn't get much fresher than that! As well, the crust is uber-flaky and the spices, just right.  It's an absolute no-fuss dessert that will fill your kitchen and bellies with warmth. 

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  Warmed in my oven, filling the house with the scent of hot apple pie and likely tricking my friends into thinking I made it from scratch.  A la mode, of course.

Champlain Orchards
Shoreham, VT

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