Barrel-Aged Worcestershire Sauce


What it is:  Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

Details:  5-ounce bottle, $6.

Who makes it:  Bourbon Barrel Foods, in Louisville, Kentucky… “The Gateway to Bourbon Country” – yes, let us through those gates!

Why I love it:  It’s awesome to break the monopoly of Lea & Perrins with our own American Worchestershire sauce! Especially this one, which is made in tiny batches, with Kentucky sorghum, pure Kentucky limestone spring water, and mellowed in bourbon barrels that were used to age some of the Bluegrass State’s finest Bourbons. And in the spirit of being inclusive as well as delicious, this sauce is also vegetarian -- no anchovies!

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  Caesar salad dressing (where I’ll add my own anchovies!), meatloaf, hamburgers, drizzled on steak, to make Louisiana barbecued shrimp, with melted butter and spooned over a perfectly rare cooked Duck Breast, shaken into Sunday-morning Bloody Marys…anywhere I want a hit of smoky-savory umami flavor.

Bourbon Barrel Foods
Louisville, KY

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