Cranberry Basil Cooler

Cranberries might conjure up images of holiday spreads and aromas of cinnamon and spice, but after we created a refreshing treat with our Cranberry Basil Granita, we're convinced tart sweet cranberry is equally suited to summer flavors and warm weather eating. Tangy cranberry juice is softened by sweet, fragrant basil for a well-balanced fruity and herbal combination. 

When it comes to cranberry juice, we're smitten with the Vincent Cranberry line. I've always considered cranberry juice to fall into one of two categories: lip-puckering acidity or overwhelming sweetness. Vincent Cranberry has raised the bar. Crafting farmstead juice from the highest quality fresh cranberries grown on their Bandon bog, the Vincent family has fused the void of cranberry juice bliss. They've tamed a sour berry into a smooth, round, and luscious juice, while still holding court in tart town. This intense elixir has a drinkability and versatility that takes coolers, cocktails, spritzers, and punch to a whole new level.   

Our granita was sweetened with simple syrup, but for this icy beverage we've used sweet Vanilla Syrup from B.G. Reynolds'. This potent syrup, made with real vanilla beans, adds a lovely floral layer to the berries and basil.

Cranberry Cooler
makes 1 drink

2 teaspoons vanilla syrup
3 large basil leaves 
1/4 cup ice cubes
1/4 cup Cranberry Juice  
1/2 cup soda

Muddle vanilla syrup, basil, and ice in the bottom of glass. Top with cranberry juice, stir. Top with soda and serve immediately.

Caroline Ford is a food stylist, writer & recipe developer in Portland, OR. More of her writing can be found on her blog: Food. Write. Style. 


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