Oh, Mai

Traditionally, Mai Tai’s are the staple libations of ocean vacations. Unfortunately, when ordering this refreshing beverage - it can arrive overly sweet and often without good Orgeat or Rum. We substituted Rum for Genever and Rye, perfectly complimented by the addition of a small-batch, quality Orgeat. We love that it's still refreshing, but this time around, slightly malted and not too sweet -- perfect any time of the year.

Oh, Mai
Recipe by Elizabeth McElligott and Jacob Grier

 1-ounce Bols Genever
1-ounce rye whiskey
1/2-ounce Combier
3/4-ounce Orgeat
1-ounce lime juice 

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin, add ice, shake everything vigorously. Strain and serve on the rocks or up.

mai tai

Jacob Grier is the lead bartender at Metrovino in Portland, Ore., and writes the weblog Liquidity Preference. Elizabeth McElligott is a naturopathic physician with a particular penchant for the cocktail. Together, they craft innovative cocktails that shine.


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