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When you’re in a new city, do you skip the museum, hunting instead for the taco truck around the corner to get the best local carnitas?

On the drive home from the farm, have you gotten your steering wheel sticky from sampling the jar of lavender honey you just bought instead of waiting until you got home?

Do you host a dinner party just as an excuse to cook with the new olive oil you discovered?

So do we. That’s why we started, to be your trusted source for the best hand-crafted food from around the country. I use my background as a chef and specialty-food buyer to hunt down and evaluate great products that are truly the best in their class. I’ll only choose a product if it tells a story -- about where it’s from, who makes it, and why it’s so delicious that it makes me run to my kitchen to cook. 

On my site, I share these stories, and I give you practical advice on how to enjoy these products in your own kitchen. I want to be the matchmaker between you and the astoundingly delicious artisan food that I’m discovering all the time.


About Brenda Crow

I’m a forager, though not always in the forests or fields. I forage at farms, ranches, farmers markets, tiny boutiques, chef’s kitchens. I hunt through history, paging through old cookbooks, vintage magazines, product pamphlets. I scour on-line sources, talk with cooks at butcher shops, dinner parties, county fairs…anywhere I might discover the thing that makes me happy: hand-crafted food that comes from a place of authenticity, that has soul, and most important of all, that is delicious. 

I care about quality, not about having the most products on my site. I’ve seen enough specialty food in my career that I’m only interested in a product if it’s the best example of its type. I limit my selection to products that have everything, the true gems that stand out from the good. 

Part of what I love about my job is the evaluation – I love to geek out on comparing products, putting them to the test in the kitchen and on my plate, serving them to friends, tasting through a number of examples in a category to find the one that has it all. I want products that have been made by artisans who use meticulous methods that coax the most and best flavor out of the ingredients. That’s most often a traditional process that’s evolved to express the particular terroir of whatever region it’s from.

I also love being the hunter because then I get to be the messenger – I get great joy from introducing people to wonderful food, especially when the stories are so engaging. Part of my mission is to break down the barriers between people and great food – it should be easy to experience the best from all over the country, without feeling like it’s hard to get, too fancy, or intimidating to use. That’s why I offer local retail options for all the products, when they exist. So when you find something you want to try, you can check to see whether it’s available in your own area or you can buy directly from the producer through FoodShed. 


Photo Credit: John Valls

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