A food cabinet increases your space to store dry foods like cereals. In fact, most home designers use wood planers(reviewszy.com/best-planers-reviews) to add aesthetic value to the kitchen. A wood planer is a woodworker’s equipment with many uses. You do not have to involve a professional carpenter to make a food cabinet for you. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) project according to your design. There are two types of food cabinets. They include portable food cabinets and fixed food cabinets

The fixed cabinets are ideal for minimal spacing; you can opt to have whichever the size from the ceiling to a reasonable height where it causes no danger even to the children. A wood planer smoothens the parts of the food cabinet to give it a finer look to enhance its finishing. Have got in your friend’s kitchen and the first thing you notice is a perfect fitting and finishing? That is the significance of a planer in a woodworker’s home.

A portable food cabinet, on the other hand, gives you an option to choose the location. The only disadvantage is that it takes space especially when you have a challenge of space and location. In case you are renting a home then a portable fixed cabinet comes in handy. Another advantage of a portable food cabinet, you can always dismantle and make it when you feel you no longer need it using a woodwork tools to make a storage box or a laundry basket.

Steps on how to make a food cabinet using a wood planer

Assemble all the tools

To avoid any injury and to save you time, assemble all the woodworking tools together the moment you have your ideal food cabinet in your mind. A woodwork toolbox gives you a perfect kit for all you require for this exercise.
Measure the wood according to the size and mark the parts you wish to cut or chop off

Cut the wood parts into desired sizes

Set your wood planer to cut wood into the right sizes based on the previous marks. Wear protective gear and run the wood on the planer taking consideration of the joints and the marks.

Smoothen the rough parts

At this point you have the small pieces of wood, of course, the edges are rough. Set your planer again to get a smooth plane and run the wood once again for all of them.

Joint them together

Join the pieces together to have your food cabinet. Strengthen the joints and the base to ensure they are able to accommodate the heavy weights associated with food stuff.

A good wood planer for a food cabinet must have both a joiner and a planer. It eases your work rather than working in trial and error which give you an ugly and imperfect food cabinet. To make a perfect cabinet, in case you opt for a DIY project, better be sure of your skills alternatively work under the guidance of a renowned woodworker to give you a perfect finish.