Grilled foods( are some of the most delicious and tasty foods that one can treat themselves to. Grilling food gives it a lot more natural flavor that you can’t get with food that’s been fried or steamed. Grilling a vegetable or meat item modifies it in ways that that improve its texture and flavor.

With all that’s been said about grilled foods, you must be dying to try them out. It’s entirely feasible to cook up a meal from the comfort of your own backyard. While it’s great to make your own food if you really want to taste the best you’ll have to visit a renowned restaurant. Having a feast at a restaurant might set you back more, in monetary terms, but is an experience that shouldn’t be missed out on. There’s a lot of diversity, in terms of food selection, to be had in restaurants. The best joints offer a variety of dishes. The choices will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Selecting a good restaurant is only part of the process, though. The next step is to order the food. Most food items on sale there will be good, however, a few options usually stand out as the best. These top grilled foods are an excellent choice for any first time visitor who hasn’t had grilled food before. It’ll introduce him to the wonderful world of barbecue and prime his taste buds to enjoy more eclectic dishes. So, what are the top restaurant grilled foods?

  1. Steak

Steak is one of the most popular foods, not just grilled, that’s widely consumed throughout Europe and America. It’s an all-time favorite. Any restaurant selling grill foods worth its mettle is sure to have it on the menu. Steak is so popular that it’s also available in several restaurants that don’t specialize in grilled food. However, to get the best steak you’ll still to visit a barbecue joint. This classic dish has a long history and has many variations. There’s a lot choice in terms of the meat that’s used, the sauce that goes on top, the seasoning and the vegetables which go along the side. When it comes to choice of meat, beef remains the undisputed king. It’s the most popular for a reason. With beef, you can even choose how hard or soft steak is. You can order your steak rarer if you prefer meat that’s firmer and easier to cut or well-cooked if you want it soft and chewy.

  1. Sizzler

This dish is actually a special variety of steak. It’s got a few notable differences that set it apart from the standard sizzler. In this dish, the cooked steak comes on a sizzling platter. The platter is a special, heavy plate that retains heat for a long time. As such, the sizzler, along with the sides, remains warm for a longer time. This ensures that the meat won’t become cold and hard while you’re in the middle of eating it. Children, in particular, enjoy this type of preparation as it makes a lot of noise and smoke. This is one dish that’s sure to draw the attention of other patrons in the restaurant.

  1. Kebabs

Continental barbecue dishes are so common that most people must have already tried them out. Whether it be at a popular restaurant or a friend’s backyard barbecue, everyone’s had some American grilled dish at some point in time. With how common burgers, steaks and chicken breasts have become, people are longing for more exotic options. If you count yourself in that group, kebabs are an excellent alternative. Kebabs are pieces of marinated meat that are strung onto skewers before placing them on the grill. There are many different kebabs that are available. Kebabs can be made from several different types of meat such as chicken and mutton. They also vary in pungency with some preparations being only mildly spicy while others can be so hot that they’ll make you sweat.